internet advertising for small businesses

Web site creation

Niche Analytics, composing a competitive semantic core, writing selling content, design development, programming.

We bring visitors

Promote in search engines. SEO-optimization. Contextual advertising. The strategy of remarketing. Representation in social networks.

Lead generation

We bring interested users, increase the number of orders, and the budget depends on the result.


We do not sell services
we implement the strategy!

It all starts with studying the business and analyzing the industry.

We are interested in the growth of our customers and partners, so we abandoned the classic idea of selling services. We are guided by the principle of increasing the client's target indicators. This is a key reference point in our work.

search traffic
lead generation
website SEO optimization


Understanding the task

At the beginning of cooperation, we study the type of goals and expectations from our customer's cooperation. Next, we formalize this view into measurable indicators that can be used when performing a project to promote a site or attract customers.


Business and niche research

By understanding our clients online goals, we study the current online representation of the business and the competitive environment. Understanding the current situation and competitors, the primary plan for promoting business on the Internet is developed.


Search for growth points

At the stage when we understand the client's business, priorities, and competitive environment, we identify the so-called growth points that will be most effective and will give the best results.


The implementation of a strategy

The strategy includes a clear, clear and pre-agreed plan that includes the budget and timing of the project's implementation.


Getting and monitoring results

At each stage of the plan implementation, we analyze the effectiveness for the business, thereby understanding which works give the maximum and real effect.



This stage of cooperation is the most interesting, as we already know a lot of key details in the client's business and have an idea of what works best. At the moment, we are partners where each side is responsible for its part, and together we are moving towards even greater goals.

business card website

Presenting the business on the Internet through a website, attracting first visitors and test sales on the network.

This stage is for those who start their own business on the Internet. Or for those with very little experience in internet entrepreneurship.

At this stage, the priority is to solve the problems of presenting the business on the Internet. This task is solved through the creation of a website, blog, social media accounts and integration with real business. Starting with communicating with visitors and ending with sending an order or performing services in an online format.

website promotion

Website promotion in search, SEO optimization, increasing the number of site visitors.

The first stage is completed, and the first ruble is received from the Internet. It's time to consolidate the disparate results.

Since we specialize in search engine promotion (SEO optimization), at this stage we are exploring the possibilities of obtaining results using semantic coverage, technical optimization, link promotion, and other traditional and non-traditional methods to increase targeted search traffic to the site.

развитие бизнеса в интернет

Increase the number of customers, develop advantages, increase your presence in the niche, and scale your business.

At this stage, there is a need to transform the existing business by adding new products, services, and services that the client needs. Repeated orders are already appearing and there is a need to create loyalty programs.

Simultaneously with the growth of the business, the number of contacts with competitors increases. At this stage, the work plan includes a deep study of competitors, development and implementation of competitive advantages both in terms of promotion on the Internet, and in the product range or set of services, pricing policy.

lead generation

Development of new products, outsourcing, lead generation, advertising in different channels.

There are situations when a business needs strategies for expansion, dominance, and price advantages over competitors. In this case there are product innovations and the maximum coverage of the advertising channels.

We have not yet had the experience of managing clients of this level, but we hope that sooner or later we will be able to come to such competence. It will be especially valuable to go all the way with the client from scratch to the market leader.


At least a third of the time we study and constantly improve our competence.


We use each tool based on the characteristics of each website.


We act in the coordinates: tasks, plan, agreed, deadline, budget, done.

services for seo promotion

SEO service

Doing it on a one-time basis or as a strategy:

  1. Semantics.
  2. Content.
  3. Link building.
  4. Drops.
  5. Sattelites and PBN..
  6. Bulletin board.

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семантическое ядро

The development of a semantic core:

The service is provided in Russian and English languages.

- research of a project or idea.

Analyzing a niche through its existing semantic description on the Internet: identifying the capacity, complexity, and density of competitors ' presence, evaluating the ability to compete, and recommending promotion channels (Search, context, or social networks).

- evaluation of competition through semantics.

Analysis of the nearest competitors by niche in the search channel. Study through semantic analysis of competitors from top-5 to top-50 with an assessment of the required semantic minimum for presence or dominance in a niche for non-branded queries.

- collecting the semantic core.

Collecting the largest possible array of search queries for the niche under study or a list of basic key queries. The collection uses up to 20 sources (search engines, key query databases, trading platforms, social networks, and services).

- clustering of the semantic core.

The semantic separation of the array into groups of queries according to the meaning and specific purpose.

- semantic core for content.

Identify the most effective (higher demand and lower competition) key queries for an existing or planned commercial or informational site.

- semantic core for content.

Selecting a basic list of key queries for creating a contextual advertising campaign.

Do you have your own understanding of what your website or online business needs? Let's talk!

working with content

Working with content:

to create text content, we work with copywriters, know how to do software rewriting, and study the possibility of implementing artificial intelligence in writing articles. All languages except Asian and Arabic.

- parsing (scraping) articles based on key queries.

The collection of text and articles from public sources and collection of text from the article directories.

- automatic rewriting of articles for uniqueness.

the text turns out to be "unique", contains key queries (actual and in meaning), LSI phrases, but for use in "white" projects and easy reading by a person, proofreading and proofreading are required.

- automatic text translation: more than 20 languages.

The text is obtained "with an accent", while it contains key queries (actual and meaningful), LSI phrases, but for use in "white" projects and easy reading by a person, proofreading and proofreading are required.

- parsing of articles, automatic rewriting, translation into a language other than the original.

The text is obtained "with an accent", while it contains key queries (actual and meaningful), LSI phrases, but for use in "white" projects and easy reading by a person, proofreading and proofreading are required.

- preparation of the technical task for the copywriter.

Creating a task for writing texts based on the selected semantic core in the plan.

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link building

Link building:

we offer one-time or comprehensive link building services. We love automation, experiments, and results. See our link profile building services for websites below.

- study the current reference profile.

Study of the history, quantitative and qualitative indicators, development of an up-to-date link building plan.

- study the competitors link profile.

Identifying top 5/50 niche competitors, compiling a median (average) value based on quantitative and qualitative indicators of competitors'reference profiles.

- designing a reference profile.

Study the current link profile, study and compile the average value for the top 5 competitors. Develop a plan to build a competitor that dominates the median (quantitative and qualitative indicators of link profiles).

- article run with placing links on trust web2 sites.

Collecting keywords, parsing source articles and generating a unique link text based on them. Placement of "articles" on trust sites with enhanced social signals and additional link levels.

The service scales.

You can increase the link weight from trust sites by creating one or more link pyramids for articles. Pyramids are created with varying degrees of complexity based on quantitative and qualitative characteristics.

- creating links from mix sites of average quality.

A synthetic (artificially calculated) google PR indicator (at least 1) is used when creating links there is a cutoff of at least PR1 and (if necessary) only dofollow.

The service is scalable.

Link weight can be increased by creating one or more link pyramids for links. Pyramids are created of varying degrees of complexity in terms of quantitative and qualitative characteristics.

- article run on sites of various quality.

Collecting keywords, parsing original articles and, based on them, generating a unique near-link text. Accommodation "articles" on sites of varying quality.

The service is scalable.

Link weight can be increased by creating one or more link pyramids for links. Pyramids are created of varying degrees of complexity in terms of quantitative and qualitative characteristics.

- creating links from indexed profiles.

Collecting keywords, parsing source articles and generating a unique link text based on them. Placement of "articles" on sites of various quality.

- hand made link building.

Search for or develop ways to get links from trust relevant donors: thematic crowdsourcing, aggregators, outreach, etc.

- links in social networks and social signals.

A highly automated way to place links in social networks and receive social signals.

The service is scalable.

It is possible to create networks of reference donors in social networks (more than 20 social networks), on trust web2 sites (more than 30 sites). If you really scale, then we make our own sites with links in articles. (about 10 engines like Wordpress, DLE, and others). In fact, the creation of PBN is described. And we also do this from a turnkey idea.

- building tier2/tier3 links (level 2 and 3).

To enhance the fat links of the first level (with trust sites or from the index Yandex webmaster / google search console). This method works well for increasing the reference weight. We can make volumes of hundreds of thousands of links.

- "secret" link building strategies and experiments.

When it was already "everything", the use of "secret" link building techniques or experiments is appropriate. We are in the market and constantly see what webmasters do and what tools are relevant. Seeing here and there, we always have something interesting in store. Perhaps your project will be the first one that we will apply a new approach to. Piece work that always starts with Analytics.

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Search for drop domains

Search for drop domains:

We can search for free domains (at the time of submission) with bold links, including trust - themed donors, social networks, domains with links to wikipedia. We give the entire list that we find, on the budget we do manual post processing. We don't work with auctions yet.

- search for free drop domains by a set of key queries.

Such drops are highly likely to be niche and are often found with links from niche leaders. There are cases when the price of a purchased domain (with a link) is hundreds of times cheaper than the price of buying a link on the referring donor. Depending on the language and niche, you can find from 0 to 200 (or more) domains with a link profile of different quality. Depending on the initial task, we select the best options.

No guarantee!

Drop search by niche and geo is always a result with no guarantee. The biggest risk is that there may be very few or none of the domains found. And there is also a risk that after buying a domain, the google search console will display the message "Measures taken manually - aggressive spam". This is extremely rare, but it happens.

- search for free drops with manual post processing.

Painstaking work using several programs, including those that help cut off domains with Asian, doorway, and adult stories. You can find it with a good link profile, links from Wikipedia, and other social networks. Maybe even with traffic.

But there are risks here too!

We can't guarantee what we'll find.

Do you have a suggestion for us? Write, interesting!


Creating satellites, PBN or immodest networks with a selection of niche semantics and pulsating social signals:

We do not sell links from ready-made PBN grids, but we make sattelites and grids of niche blogs to order. Interested in creating a niche PBN under the order in 1 hand.

доски объявлений

Advertising on internet message boards:

Creation and placement of advertisements on more than 3000 message boards in the Russian Internet.

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Website creation

  • Semantic
  • Design layout
  • Layout, uploading to hosting


initial amount

SEO optimization

  • Filling content
  • Internal optimization
  • External optimization



Lead generation

  • Concept development
  • Traffic generation
  • Selling leads to a customer


for 1 target

Self-promotion in search or lead generation? What is lead generation? What you can count on and under what conditions lead generation agencies work.

Lead generation

Website promotion in search serves to increase the number of targeted visitors. If the site is commercial, then the quality of promotion and SEO optimization directly affect the amount of revenue

Promotion in search engines

Want more internet clients? Increase website traffic by means of search engine optimization. Your best bet is to work with professional optimizers.

Increase website traffic

Visitors to the site are the main value and focus of the work of Internet entrepreneurs. Attracting visitors to your site is something that is really worth focusing on.

Visitors to the web site

There are a lot of advertising channels on the Internet, but search traffic can be safely considered the highest quality. Optimization and promotion are the key tasks of an Internet entrepreneur.

Website promotion

Search engine optimization and traffic to business sites are the main foundation for Internet entrepreneurship. By promoting sites, traffic, orders and revenue increase.

Website promotion

A professional service for promoting an Internet resource in search engines is called seo optimization. Details.

SEO optimization

The success of an internet business is based on the quality of traffic, which is best obtained from search. For these purposes, there is a set of actions called SEO optimization.

SEO optimization

Website promotion to higher positions in search results is achieved in various ways, including search engine optimization or search engine promotion.

SEO promotion

Before making a website, you need to compose a semantic core, which is a description of the current business and market environment of the Internet project. All Internet entrepreneurship begins with the compilation or expansion of the semantic core.

Semantic core creations

A person who is typing what he needs in Google or Yandex already has an interest in certain information, product, service. Getting such a visitor to your site is an area of ​​great competition for site owners.

Search traffic

Are you looking for a quick solution to attract customers from the Internet? Lead generation is a form of marketing activity when specialists bring you interested visitors.

Lead generation service